About Rachel Simonson

"Travel and exposure to new environments leads to a better understanding of people and places. It is important to ask questions and learn from other people and cultures to become a well-rounded person. I try to combine diverse imagery with paint and media to achieve a new art form. The result is something that viewers can continue to appreciate. I want people to find new areas of interest with each viewing."

Peacock Fine Arts

Rachel Simonson has been called "one to watch" thanks to her insightful way of combining old and new techniques to create her works. Simonson's work focuses on interpersonal relationships and relationships people develop with their environment.

Simonson is able to create portraits and cityscapes that appear at once both familiar and new. This refreshing take is often achieved through old school Palladium Print (UltraViolet photography) mixed with Oil on Canvas.

It's no surprise that Simonson learned and honed her trade in Rochester, New York, the Image Centre of the World. Her work has been displayed throughout the art world, including recent exhibitions in New York City, Washington D.C., Minneapolis, West Palm Beach, as well as Dublin, Ireland, and now Florence.

Simonson studied at Alfred University, after graduating from Rochester's School Of The Arts. Her BFA in both Painting and Photography is evident in her juxtaposition of those two art forms.

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