Artist Statement

About my work


My current series of works, the Cityscapes, started as an exploration of the technical challenge of combining palladium print photos and oil paint media. This evolved into layering images from various places in the world I have visited to create my own landscapes to reflect an emotional state or feeling. This is part of my way of dealing with identity, coming from one place, from being born into one culture and growing up in another and fitting into both but at the same time, fitting into neither.

My Cityscapes create an integrated emotional milieu from disparate sources that have meaning to me, but my goal is for others to develop their own synthesis of meaning and emotion from these works. Living spaces, the environment in which we live influence us as we influence them; we alter our environment as it alters us in a feedback and feed-forward transaction. I hope those viewing my work can see parts of their own lives and environment in my work.

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